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Guru Nanak Vidyak Society (GNVS) was established in Mumbai, Maharashtra on 22 June, 1947. The initiative was taken by a group of enthusiastic workers as they firmly believed and recognized the need of an education system for Punjabi speaking people who were in minority in the city. Although establishment of GNVS was an arduous task and the resources required to fulfill this dream was inadequate but by the grace of God; prominent Sikh leaders managed to successfully register GNVS under the Societies’ Registration Act XXI of 1860 under No. 1621 of 1947-48. S. Pratap Singh was appointed as the first President of GNVS in July 1947 under whose leadership this journey began & has successfully continued till date.

1 July, 1947 marked the beginning of an education era by GNVS at SION Koliwada where 29 students were enrolled in the primary section and 60 students were enrolled in the secondary section. At a little later stage another piece of land admeasuring about 16,000 sq. yards was acquired from the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai to be used as a school playground.

With the steady increase of the Punjabi speaking community being spread all over Mumbai, schools were opened at various suburbs of Mumbai at the behest of Sri Guru Singh Sabha. All these schools are recognized and aided by the Government and Municipal Educational Authorities and are run on modern lines for the benefit of boys and girls of all castes and creed. With a humble beginning of 29 students in Primary School and 60 students in High School on July 1, 1947 we have now grown up into a sufficiently big family from Montessori to Post Graduation with strength of more than 25000 students including all the branches colleges and schools across Mumbai. The progress has been slow but steady.

Though the progress has been slow, the Guru Nanak Vidyak Society has been able to render invaluable service in the field of Education. This is the history of seventy years of service, progress of strive and struggle, hope and faith. Though the education of the under privileged is the primal focus for the vast multitude of the population, our contribution is like a small drop in the ocean.

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